-take what you need and leave the rest-

Blank Boards made in Germany

by Skatewood Europe

Skatewood was founded recently for supporting the DIY-Scene with high quality Canadian maple veneer for skateboards „made in Europe“. The wood comes from a FSC-certified family business, Great Lake Region USA. They act like an collective from the DIY-Scene for the DIY-Scene.


Linoleum Stamp Prints 

by Shredderei Leipzig

It´s always a pleasure for the Shredderei shop owner Bastl to print your piece of art on the Skatewood Blanks of your choice. The stamps are lasered by a well educated robot and Bastl is doing the rest by hand. Great teamwork!


EIKO Skate & Workwear 

Pleasure before Work

The history of that brand goes back to 1949. Since than it's in the family's hand. The quality of those pants is huge. Perfect to skate, perfect to build. You can also turn off a cigarette in the pocket if you have to. Ask for the shaper discount for your homies at the construction site!


Niffa Eyewear 

Leipzig based

Founded in 2010 by a bunch of skateboarders. For some reason they had a little issue with bright light. So they decided to do something about it.


More to come!

Feel free to hit us up for a pricelist, samples or more informations.


We ship worldwide!